Ikyoudo by Kakio Tsurukawa is now available!

Posted by Matthew Haasch on

Ikyoudo by Kakio Tsurukawa, author of Sawanabe Zombie!

Rokunosuke, the child of a poor farmer, lives a quiet albeit impoverished edo-era life...which crumbles when his family is ordered to pay cruelly high taxes. Rokunosuke swears revenge, but a hooded woman named Oyuki appears and warns him: โ€œonly demons murder people.โ€ Rokunosuke vows to live in peace once more, butโ€ฆ

Ikyoudo, a sci-fi period piece about a man trying to avenge his father who was killed at the hands of a governor, got over 100,000 likes when first posted on twitter. This complete edition also includes the highly anticipated sequel, Ikyoudo II!

Make sure to check it outย here!

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